The Big 500

I wanted to thank all of my followers for your continued support of both my blog and photography over this past year. I’m amazed that so many people have come to my blog and how many of you provide support through your comments. I’m looking forward to the upcoming year and hopefully getting my next 500 followers.

Thanks again,
Michael Poole

The Transition

Last October I started my first and only blog, I wanted a place to displace my photography as well as share my experience with others. I have enjoyed my time blogging and I’m not planning on changing that anytime soon.

I’m still working to be the best photographer I can be and although I still like to take photos of any and everything I can, I do believe I have found landscape and wildlife photography to be my passion. Over the next few days I will be updating my blog to focus more on my work and less on my experiences (how I screwed up the shot), So, Please stick around and watch as I transition into this next phase in my journey to become a great photographer.

Michael Poole – (The site formally known as

Two Towers

Here is another photo taken along the Oregon coast. This one, like most of the others I’ve posted recently is located in Cannon Beach at sunset. This photo is focusing on the two smaller rock formations to the left of Haystack Rock, with smaller being relative. lol…

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Ready, Set, NO!!! My MacGyver Story

The morning after arriving in Cannon Beach I got up early and left the hotel while my wife was still sleeping in order to get some shots of Haystack Rock at daybreak. With gear packed, I headed out into the cool morning breeze of the Pacific Northwest. I made my way through the cold wet sand, down to the south side of the rock formation and set up. Bag open, tripod out and camera mounted with my wide-angle lens, I was ready to shoot… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

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Into the Woods

On our drive into the Hoh Rainforest, I pulled over a number of times to take in all of the beauty and of course I had to take some pictures. At this particular stop, I pulled over to take some photos of the ferns on the side of the road. I guess I was so focused on what was on the side of the road that I didn’t see what was right in front of me.

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